Social Impact Education Program

The problem statement:

Students lack 21st-century skills and industry exposure which are crucial to meet the industry’s evolving demands to fill the employment gaps.

Our Approach to Solve the Problem:

  1. One-on-One Long Career Assessment 
  2. Curate programs based on the Assessment 
  3. Experiential Learning Programs

Our Interventions:

1. Policy Boots Camps

Policy boots help in applying the principles of learning to solve real-world policy problems, using design thinking principles. Through the Bootcamps we intend to:

  • Facilitate opportunities to designing mock policy solution
  • Creating a learning community 
  • Support in designing social impact models

2. Career Guidance Sessions

To increase the overall awareness with actionable inputs to pursue a career in Policy, Development, and Social Impact Space. Through the career guidance sessions we intend to:

  • Give the students 360 degrees of awareness about the Social Impact Space
  • Facilitate Career Conversion sessions with Policy Experts, Bureaucracy, and Development Professionals. 
  • Provide mentorship support inbuild their careers.

3. Experiential Learning Programs

To equip the students with experience and skills that are required to thrive in the Policy, Development, and Social Impact Space. Through the Experiential Learning Programs we intend to:

  • Facilitate opportunities to learn while doing 
  • Work with renowned organizations to get hands-on experience
  • Create a long-term pipeline of opportunities that convert into full-time internships and placements

4. Policy Summit

A platform to bring together leaders from different backgrounds and showcase the year-long learning of the students, along with promoting a dialogue on key issues between the industry leaders and students.

5. Soft Skills and Technical Skills

As a part of the program, we conduct regular soft skills and technical skills sessions to enhance the overall employability of the students in the Social Impact space.